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How Do You Know Your BMW3 is For Auto Salvage

May 17, 2021

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    Let’s say you want to let go of your old BMW M3 and your not sure if its ready for salvage. In the process, you want to get considerable cash out of it. How do you know it is fit for the market or suitable for the junkyard? It could be many things. Perhaps the car is very old, and you might have a hard time selling it yourself. Maybe you are not even confident the car dealership will support it. Below are indicators that your car should be sold to an auto salvage company. And most likely, the decision will give you peace of mind and reasonable cash in the process. 

    The BMW3 Series is considered high-end. The car was produced in 1975. Since then, many versions came along the way. It has pros and cos as a car model:


    • As an elegant car, it has a smooth-riding and sharp-handling chassis. This feature is part of the car’s selling point and a delight to drivers.  
    • It has power efficient engine that can deliver performance. However, it is conservative when it comes to fuel. 
    • It has a kind of cabin that is both spacious and also comfortable. You will find that riding is both a pleasure and an indulgence. 
    • The car has high-tech features that are geared for driver’s safety. That is why it is a family car where out of town picnics are in mind. 
    • It is powerful and can deliver goods. It is not a race car, but it feels like one. 


    • You will find that added features are not cheap. They are pretty expensive. So when it comes to maintenance, this is listed on the high-end. 
    • The base 320i engine is adequate for the job and doesn’t offer more. It is a mid-range engine, but if you want a car monster, you better upgrade to one with a 320d. 
    • This car looks all business and no place. It has a very corporate design that’s considered dull and boring. 
    • The wheel is not that good when the going gets tough. They are big and flashy, but they are kind of weak when it comes to off-road riding. 

    It is understandable that parting ways with your BMW3 are such a hard thing to do with all these features. However, the following are reasons why you need to do so:

    1. Your car has terrible interior and exterior conditions. No amount of cleaning the insides of the BMW 3 can hide the cracks and rips of seats and walls. There is no way you can have this refurbished without spending a fortune. 
    2. The mileage is simply beyond what’s reasonable for selling. No matter how robust the car is, people will always look at the mileage and refuse to buy it. 
    3. The model and year of the series are past its warranty and also fashion. There are new cars that will outshine this model. You will have a hard time putting the BMW 3 on the market. 

    Selling the car to a dealership or for scrap depends on the condition. There are cases where you are better off putting it on the Juno shop than the market, where no one will buy it.