3 {Quickcash} Process Steps:

Step 1

Vehicle Details

Simply add your vehicle details (year, make, model) to ensure you get the value your car deserves

Step 2

Instant Offer

You will experience no wait time as you instantly receive an offer, allowing you to know the value of your vehicle moving forward.

Step 3

Car Pickup

If you are happy with the offer, our trusted team will come to examine your car. You will instantly receive a payment if all is good to go.

How {QuickCash} is the best choice?

/ Detailed Explanation of Condition

By taking the time to give us a detailed explanation of the condition of your vehicle we can ensure we give you the best value.

/ Proof of Ownership

Our team buys and sells cars varying from those with titles and those that are salvaged. The only thing we need from you is that proof that you own the vehicle.

/ Thorough Research

We don't just give an offer without background research. We consult with various wholesalers and salvage yards to value your car for what it's worth.

What We Have Bought Recently?

1994 Honda Accord

Rochester, NY 14607

Paid $150

2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Louisville, KY 40018

Paid $400

2012 Subaru Impreza

Philadelphia, PA 19114

Paid $1395

2003 Ford Escape

Harrisburg, PA 17111

Paid $400

2007 Toyota Camry

Chicago, IL 600643

Paid $650

1998 GMC Sierra 1500

Buffalo, NY 14201

Paid $200

1994 Honda Accord

Rochester, NY 14607

Paid $150

2004 Acura TL

Columbus, OH 43004

Paid $450

We turn vehicles into cash!

/ Your car's condition doesn't matter. We purchase vehicles of all types from locations all over the United States. Our process was created to ensure you get money for your old car, allowing the selling process to be simple and quick.

No matter if your car has been involved in a wreck, flood, or is just worn down from old age, we will buy your vehicle. Our trusted team will give you a great price while also offering to tow your vehicle for absolutely free.

/Are you tired of an old, rugged car taking up space in your driveway? Quick Cash for Clunkers is the answer to all of your car selling needs.

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Hear What Our Customers are Saying

Quick Cash For Clunkers was simple, no hassle, great price that was almost double compared to other companies. From beginning to end the process took 24-48 hrs. The communication with the Quick Cash For Clunkers rep was also great. Thanks everyone for all the help and support getting rid of my old car.

Gardo V.

Quick Cash For Clunkers made the process of getting the most value for my beloved car that didn't run anymore so simple!

Ryan A.

Very smooth easy transaction. Traded a few emails and a couple days later, they picked up my car and left me a check!

Kimberly C.